Online Rewards Scheme
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Specifically designed by schools for schools, Vivo miles is an award-winning online rewards system which has proven its ability to engage and motivate students of all ages and abilities


Online Rewards Scheme

Currently used in 80 Local authorities, Vivo Miles has proven its ability to improve student motivation as well as raise attendance and GCSE grades.

Schools can issue pupils with reward cards which learners can use to accumulate Vivo Miles based on their achievements in school. Schools can choose how many points are linked to certain behaviour types and can target specific areas for improvement for example, punctuality, attendance, homework, attitude, effort, behaviour, teamwork, healthy eating and more – Vivo Miles is entirely flexible to match the schools improvement priorities.

Vivo Miles are linked directly to your MIS ensuring that the learner’s unique online Vivo Miles accounts are automatically awarded as soon the teacher enters the relevant information in your system. Learners can use their points online to purchase a range of goods from the online Vivo catalogue. Schools can customise the catalogue and add their own rewards such as ‘skip the lunch queue’ tokens.

For School Managers

The system is user friendly so doesn’t require extensive training or ICT support, and enables staff to effortlessly reward students individually or in groups by crediting their account with Vivo’s via their smart phone, the website, or redeemable vivo paper credit vouchers.

School Managers can decide on the annual or termly rewards budget and input the Vivo equivalent into the system. Then establish the criteria that you want to reward (or penalise) against, and how many “Vivo’s” each behaviour or achievement is worth.

You can choose from the extensive catalogue of rewards you want to appear in the online shop including charity donations and it is even possible to upload your schools own items for example prom tickets, skip-the-lunch-queue vouchers etc. Plus you can allocate the maximum budget of Vivo’s that each teacher will automatically be given to award each week.  Students enjoy redeeming their Vivo’s and the system enables School Managers to view in real time reward statistics, export leagues, and track staff usage to ensure rewarding transparency and fairness.

For Teachers

Schools can use the Vivo Miles system to encourage healthy competition between students. With more traditional certificates and even trophies up for grabs for the best performers it is a fun and more up to date way to engage and stimulate students to go the extra mile.

Many schools are successfully encouraging a healthier school day by using Vivo as an extra incentive to change behaviour. This can be by choosing a healthier option at lunch or by taking part in physical activities they otherwise might not have tried. As part of the government’s every child matters initiative Vivo links directly into ‘be healthy’ and statistics have shown it can make a real difference to the health of young people who feel more motivated to make the healthy choice.

The system is easy to set up and use. Unique to the scheme is the Vivo rewards card, which every student gets. The card and the scheme’s currency – the Vivo – go beyond conventional stickers and stars to offer a real-life vehicle for financial learning.

For Pupils

The Vivo rewards card is given to every student and acts like a bank card. The card and the scheme’s currency – the Vivo – go beyond stickers and stars and provides the rewards you want.

Here’s more about how it works:

There are many ways you can pick up the points. You could be awarded Vivos for completing an outstanding piece of homework, attending extra-curricular activities or for continually keeping your planner up-to-date; whatever criteria your school decides.

Your school might even add their own rewards to the catalogue such as prom tickets or “skip-the-lunch-queue” vouchers, or there’s our ever-popular charities that you can donate your Vivos to.

For Parents

The Vivo Parental Engagement Platform has been designed to positively “engage and inform” parents. With your own personal Vivo account you can view information relating to your child’s rewards. Everything is presented in a way that is clear and easy to understand and delivered in a format you choose. With the option to receive updates by email, information can be pushed to you in real time or on a periodic basis, and you can access your account wherever you have access to an internet enabled PC.

Vivo is designed in such a way that it looks and feels to students a lot like their first bank account. With the currency being the’ Vivo’ and good old fashioned hard work being the way to earn ‘Vivos’ it presents a unique opportunity to teach some important personal finance lessons. Saving up for something over a longer term, earning interest, budgeting and managing an account are all covered by the Vivo system.

You can help boost your childs learning by setting targets with associated rewards in the Vivo parent module. Making a simple pledge to add that extra level of incentive to boost your child’s motivation is simple to do and incredibly effective.

Vivo - Product Features

  • Effortless Rewarding

    Vivo Miles allows staff to effortlessly reward students individually or in any group. ICT boffins or lengthy training programmes not required.

  • Nurtures academic results

    Vivo Miles gives students an extra incentive to go the ‘extra mile’ and independently seek self-improvement. Our technical links to VLE providers strengthen this ethos.

  • Seamless MIS link

    Progresso and Facility link directly with Vivo Miles. This seamless link enables automatic rewards for certain aspects of school performance such as attendance.

  • Increases attendance

    Vivo Miles has been proven to raise attendance on average by a massive 6%.

  • Every Child Matters

    Vivo Miles helps schools to improve standards against all five key objectives of Every Child Matters, including the ever- allusive ‘achieving economic wellbeing’.

  • Flexibility

    Vivo Miles acts as a platform for schools to create their own reward system, and we work closely with schools to help achieve maximum impact.

  • Reduced exclusions

    A knock-on effect of Vivo Miles is the reduced number of exclusions in the participating schools - and it’s worth remembering that exclusions are thought to cost schools £4,500 per student.

  • Healthy Choices

    Our system can link with cashless catering systems and also be used for rewarding students that take part in extra sporting activities therefore encouraging and rewarding those students who make healthier choices.